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黃照宇活躍於本地古典及當代音樂界別,過去與不同藝術家及樂團合作演出,擁有豐富本地和海外不同大小類型的演出及工作坊的經驗。現主要服務於Fusicianz、無界樂人、泛亞交響樂團 。


畢業於香港浸會大學音樂系學士和碩士學位,分別隨祈道緯教授主修作曲及電子音樂和隨文盛伯教授主修合唱指揮,亦隨宗小謙和許裕成學習低音大提琴。2011年加入香港作曲家聯會 The Composers Guild Ensemble 接受一年當代室樂演奏訓練,在本港多間大學及演奏場地巡演多於二十首本地青年作曲家的先銳作品。2014年獲選參加 The Modern Academy,獲低音大提琴導師 John Eckhardt 指導。

累積多年豐富的海外及本地舞台演出經驗,亦獲不同前輩的啟發,使黃氏對不同曲風的合奏和演奏巧法漸催成熟。 演奏以外,黃氏亦於葉氏兒童音樂實踐中心及香港兒童交響樂團履行教育及行政職務。




Wong Chiu-yu is active in the local classical and contemporary music fields. In the past, he has performed with different artists and orchestras. Chiu-yu has rich experience in local and overseas performances and workshops of different sizes and types. Now he mainly serves Fusicianz, John Chen Ensemble and Pan Asia Symphony Orchestra.


Graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University with a bachelor's and master's degree in music, majoring in composition and electronic music with Christopher Keyes, and majoring in chorus conductor with Prof. John Winzenburg, and also studied double bass with Eddie Zong and Simon Hui. In 2011, Chiu-yu joined The Composers Guild Ensemble and received one year of contemporary chamber music performance training, and toured more than 20 local young composers' works in various universities and venues in Hong Kong. In 2014, he was selected to participate in The Modern Academy, and was instructed by John Eckhardt.

Chiu-yu has accumulated rich experience in overseas and local stage performances, and has been inspired by different predecessors, so that Chiu-yu's ensemble and playing skills of different styles gradually mature. In addition to performance, Chiu-yu also performs educational and administrative duties at the Yip's Children's Choral and Performing Arts Center and the Hong Kong Children's Symphony Orchestra.

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