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朱紹威 (笛子)




Chu Siu-Wai Born in Hong Kong, Mr Chu Siu-Wai started to learn Dizi with Mr Lam Si Kwan and Mr Cheung Heung Wah. After obtaining an Advanced Diploma from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts in 1989, Mr Chu furthered his studies in the Chinese University of Hong Kong and obtained the Bachelor’s degree with honours in Music in 1994.
Distinguishing himself as a highly versatile Dizi performer, Mr Chu has been featured in several music programmes in RTHK Radio 4 such as the Hong Kong Concert Hall and Artist-in-Residence. He also helped RTHK in producing A Treasury of Chinese Music in 1998, and was the host of Silk and Bamboo in 2008.
While staying in tune with our city, Mr Chu also goes on world concert tours together with many other music groups, and has staged performances in China, Taiwan, Macau, Korea, Warsaw, Hawaii, Malaysia,
Australia, Italy, France and Canada. Mr Chu performed in many international music festivals including the 34th “Encuentros” International Festival in Argentina (2002), the 5th International Music Festival in Bueno Aires (2002), Melbourne Music Festival (2002), Singapore Arts Festival (2004), Hong Kong New Vision Festival (2004), Garden Festival in Warsaw (2006), ISCM-ACL World Music Days 2007 Hong Kong and Shanghai Spring International Music Festival (2007). Recently, he also participated in the 1st Kuala Lumpur Contemporary Music Festival in 2009.
Mr Chu currently teaches Dizi at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, The University of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Education Institute and other secondary schools. He also works for RTHK Radio 4 — he is chiefly responsible for the recording work and acts as the presenter of various music programmes.

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