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🎊 報喜 🎊 

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The Hong Kong Legends is a chamber orchestra under Yao Yueh Chinese Music Association(YYCMA). Gathering top-notch professionals from both Western and Chinese music in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Legends is yet another initiative by YYCMA, subsequent to the Chinese music group YY PopUp. Taking pride in its unique position, the Hong Kong Legends focuses on performing diversified and stylish music pieces, portraying the distinctive culture of Hong Kong. Audiences are invited to come and savor the lingering fragrance of Hong Kong, the city which bridges the West and East.


Under the leadership of the music director Dr. Leung Chi-cheung, the Hong Kong Legends is a convergence of music talents trained at professional institutions in Hong Kong, Europe and the States. Renowned musicians include: Kitty Cheung (violin), Linus Fung (clarinet), Cheryl Chan (French horn), Alan Chu (piano), Eric Yip (cello), Wong Chiu-yu (double bass), Matthew Lau (percussion), Colin Chow (percussion), Chu Siu-wai (di), Pang Hong-tai (sheng), Bryan Lai (yanqin), Chan Wan-in (pipa), Nigel Pang (ruan), Chan Hiu-fung (sanxian), Shao Lin (erhu), Alison Lau (zheng) and many others. The Hong Kong Legends represents a refreshing mix of Western and Chinese music. With such an exceptional array of gifted musicians both at home and afar, the Hong Kong Legends are destined to exemplify the artistic charms and cosmopolitan spirits of Hong Kong.

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