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*喜動樂樂* YY PopUp






    以承傳及推動中樂創意演奏、音樂教育及培訓、推行“社企”為使命,期望以社企型式運作,然後     回饋樂團,回饋社會。














  • 喜動•隨選        





  • 喜動•相長     



1. 音樂工作坊

2. 樂器訓練班及考級

3. 組織樂隊表演及比賽

  • 喜動•社區 



1. 關愛表演及探訪

2. 音樂興趣班

3. 籌款音樂會

*YY PopUp*


Run as a social enterprise, YY PopUp is a community outreach ensemble launched by the Yao Yueh Chinese Music Association (YYCMA). YY PopUp members are comprised of international award winners, young and experienced musicians. YY PopUp aims to cultivate Chinese music culture with a breath of fresh air in the community, enhance and enrich the community’s music curricula and to develop a long term sustainable operation with educational activities, commercial performances and social services.



YY PopUp program includes:


YY PopUp Community - serving the social welfare organizations through on-site performances,

                                         interest group and charity concerts.


YY PopUp Teach & Learn - serving the schools in workshops, instrumental classes, and orchestra set-up.


YY PopUp On Demand - serving the entertainment business in corporate events, weddings, flashmobs

                                          in shopping malls and outdoor performances.


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