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「四不像」 分別用笙、長笛、薩克管及法國號,這四件風格㢠異的中西銅管木管作主奏,從而組成新的管樂四重奏。


  Royal Northern College of Music 的年青樂手。追求音色上的變化,音樂上的多元化,以至形式上可發展的潛能。


  4UNLIKE is an unusual classical music group featuring four ordinary musical instruments; Sheng, Saxophone,       French Horn and Flute. We are four young professional musicians who have received our musical training

  from Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Royal Northern College of Music, Folkwang Hochschule Essen         and Conversatoire de Cergy-Pontoise. We aim to promote contemporary music, exploring the possibility

  of stage performance are own main goal and we are open to the collaboration with different Art form.

  Recently performed in a recital and a master class invited by Nanyang Academy of Find Arts.

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