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彭偉倫 (琵琶/阮)







Graduated from HKAPA, Pang studied Pipa with Ms. Wong Chi-ching and Ms. Cheung Yim-yu. He also studied Ruan with Ms. Lei Qun-an. He was awarded scholarship by HSBC Hong Kong Bank Foundation to study Pipa in Beijing with Ms. Ren Hong. Whilst studying in secondary school, he also studied Pipa with Ms. Li Ying-wai and Ms. Li Ping.

In 2013, Pang won the Gold Award (International Group) in International Youth Pipa Competition organized by China Soong Ching Ling Foundation Training and Communication Center.

As a soloist, Pang performed with various orchestras in Hong Kong, including Lady Hua-Mulan in 2013 and The Conqueror Unarms in 2014 with Yao Yueh Chinese Music Association, The Moon Aloft in 2014 and Newly transcribed Excerpt in the Mode of Yu in 2015 with Wang Kwong Chinese Orchestra.

He also participated in different multi-media concerts and premiered In-between Play and Pluck, Harmony and Ode to Pipa.

Except performing in different concerts, Pang also participated in TV recording, popular music concerts and dramas. He has also performed in Slovakia, Japan, Taiwan, China and other places.

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