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Wong Yui-kiu Cathy

中阮 Ruan


Cathy Wong, received five years of professional training in the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, major in pipa and ruan, where she received different types of scholarships. Cathy has given performing tours in many parts of the US, Europe and Asia. Since 1997, she has performed in music festivals in the United States, Argentina, Russia, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, and different cities in China. She is active in local performance activities, including Hong Kong Arts Festival,  Musicarama, Chinese Composers’ Festival etc.  In addition to playing an active role on the classical music scene, Cathy has also been involved in music of other genres. Cathy has made many recordings for films and theatres, and has performed live music in pop music shows.  She is now appointed as full time musician in Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra and part time instructor in HKAPA.

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